Una desaparicíon misteriosa

Una desaparicíon misteriosa



It has been a week since Ana’s best friend Daniela disappeared. Since that day, Ana’s world has turned upside down, and her life has begun to spiral out of control. Will Ana see her best friend again? Did Ana pay enough attention to the details leading up to her friend's disappearance? Will an old Peruvian legend come to life? Will she discover a far greater mystery that has haunted the children of Peru for years?

Level: 2

Unique Word Count: 350

Total word count: 3000

Tense(s): Present/Past

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Julia Recana


I loved the emotion the narrators had! It was a great book for students like me who prefer to read more dramatic and scarier books. Most learning books can be boring, but this certainly was not. Thank you!

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