Kobe - Naissance d'une légende

Kobe - Naissance d'une légende



At 17 years of age, Kobe Bryant was one of the first players ever drafted directly from high school into the NBA and well on his way to becoming one of the most famous basketball players of all time. His incredible talent and pure determination had a profound and lasting impact on the world of basketball, in the U.S. and beyond. But Kobe did not start as a basketball prodigy in the U.S. He spent his childhood in Italy, where soccer reigns and few of his peers played basketball; none of them with his skill and intensity. This story takes Kobe from shooting hoops in a church playground in Rieti to playing for the LA Lakers in the NBA.

Level: 1

Unique Word Count: 230

Total word count: 4200

Tense(s): Present Tense

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C Froats


Amazing book about Kobe Bryant. Very informative and fun to read. Would recommend

R Pemberton


T Peck


Great book about Kobe. It is filled with a lot of facts and information and is fun to read.

M Armstrong


T Saucier


Muna N


It’s a very interesting book to read

Tres B


Sooo goood

Annabel B3


It was a good book its just not really my tyoe of book but i would read again

Bryan G


i think its good

Lucas Warren


It’s pretty good

Helena Stoudt


I personally really enjoyed this book! It’s a great book for French beginners and French learners!

Maya Y


Hailey D


It’s a really good book. It makes you understand more of Kobe’s past. If you are a fan of Kobe and would like to learn more about him I would recommend reading this book.

hayli p


It’s very good and it’s I’d recommend

M Smith


Great book and easy to understand.

E Briggs


Martina Penaik


Not a big fan of sports but it was overall pretty good if you love Kobe Bryant and want to learn more about him this is the book for you again not my favorite book on the website but I can see many people liking it.

Trevawn Clarke


I love this book i am a big fan of sports and i really enjoyed reading this book, i love basketball and Kobe Bryant so i would recommend this book to friends.

Hunter McNeil


This book is my second favourite book on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing if you want to know about Kobe Bryant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

H Blair


Super easy to read

Wade Nelson


i love kobe

Chase Jorgensen



Aidan McCoy


le book de Kobe bean est très intéressant

Eli Macharia


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