El viaje difícil

El viaje difícil



A story of the times. José and his family live in small town in the department of Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. Their life, which is simple and good, becomes challenging when their earnings become insufficient to maintain the family. Concerned for the welfare of his family whom he loves, José makes the difficult decision to make his way to the United States in search of work opportunities. Based on a story told to the author, this book recounts José’s journey north as well as examines the effect of his absence on the family he leaves behind.Readers learn facets of Guatemalan culture through entry level vocabulary and grammar.

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Nora Visser


The story tells of José’s journey to the United States for work, while his wife Esmilda, stays in Guatemala with the children. Both main characters face different struggles as the family is separated by José’s journey. The Spanish was easy to understand and it was hard to put the book down because I wanted to know if José made it across the border. It was interesting to learn of the ups and downs that immigrants face when crossing the border into the US and the poverty issues in Guatemala. I totally recommend listening to the audio as well while you read along. Nora V. SF, CA.

Joely Cherniss


This is the story of a struggling family in South America. The father decides that he needs to leave for the US in order to make enough money to support his family. I enjoyed this story quite a bit, the characters were interesting and it was easy to understand. It felt very honest and I appreciated that. The characters were well developed and I felt for them which was very impressive considering it is a simple short story in a language which is foreign to me. Joely C

Zephra Blake


El cuento es muy bueno! El protagonista principal es Jose, un padre y muy pobre. El familia viven en Guatemala. El familia no tienen dinero, entonces Jose va a un viaja difícil. Me gusto este cuento porque puedo ver otras experiences de personas que tienen menos para mi. La lección de el cuento es que familia siempre ayudar, y perseverancia funciona. Si, yo recomiendo el cuento porque es muy importante veas el sufrimiento de personas en otras países, y entiendas sus luchas. Zephra B, SF, CA

Jessie Torres


Este cuento se trata de una familia pobre en Guatemala. El padre ve que no tiene dinero suficeinte para soportar a su familia y decide que va a immigrar a los Estados Unidos. Me gusto que se trataba de algo verdadero y que pasa mucho en el mundo con muchas familias. La leccion de este cuento es que tengamos esperanza y que amemos a nuestra familia. Yo recomiendo que leas el cuento porque se trata sobre algo real y enseña que no nos tenemos que rendir. Jessie T. SF, CA. El 22 de Marzo del 2021.

Lucas Rosenbloom


Bien libro

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