La lettre

La lettre



Bette and Clara have been best friends for a long time. But, the last couple weeks have challenged their friendship since Clara started to pay more attention to Adam, the popular boy in school. It is a confusing and emotional time for Bette. But through it all, Bette begins to better understand her feelings. As she considers the last couple weeks, she comes to a revelation about her friendship with Clara. Betteā€™s world is about to change when she gets an unexpected letter from her best friend. Why has she been incredibly secretive and avoiding Clara like the plague? Will Bette decide to gather up the courage to talk to Clara? She knows that she may be risking everything to reveal her truth, but she knows that the truth will set her free. Will it be worth it?

Level: 2

Unique Word Count: 250

Total word count: 3300

Tense(s): Present Tense

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L Putney


easy to read and very interesting

C Burke


Favorite book, easy to read and enjoyable

A Armstrong


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