Mystère au Louvre

Mystère au Louvre



Students and readers of all ages are guaranteed to be amazed at Stéphane's fascination with art and all he discovers about the Louvre Museum and all that it has to offer. Mystère au Louvre is full of adventure and mystery! Guaranteed to spike your curiosity and keep you wanting more!! Plus it is full of cultural art references! Containing approximately 4800 words and 250 unique words. This advanced beginner reader is sure to capture one's attention and teach some culture and history of the most famous museum in the world! Stéphane is a boy with a dream to one day visit the Louvre museum. Of course, he wants to see all of the famous art, but he has read that there are other things that haunt the museum at night. Through research and asking questions, he gets an idea that is sure to make his first trip to the museum a memorable one. Will Stéphane's idea pan out in the end, or will it be his worst idea yet?

Level: 1

Unique Word Count: 250

Total word count: 4800

Tense(s): Present/Past

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A Armstrong


C Burke


Suspenseful and enjoyable to read

M Burwell


very suspenseful and kept me wanting to read more.

L Sullivan


T Cuthbert


Very interesting! Loved reading.

Lucy Cameron


C'est un bon livre mais l'intrigue était vraiment ordinair.

Hunter McNeil


Pretty good book not the best on this site though.

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