Une disparition mystérieuse

Une disparition mystérieuse



It has been a week since Alice’s best friend Dominique disappeared. Since that day, Alice’s world has turned upside down, and her life has begun to spiral out of control. Will Alice see her best friend again? Did Alice pay enough attention to the details leading up to her friend's disappearance? Will an old Louisiana legend come to life? Will she discover a far greater mystery that has haunted the marshes of Louisiana for years?

Level: 1

Unique Word Count: 4000

Total word count: 350

Tense(s): Present/Past Tense

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Test Student


It wasn't my favorite book by Mrs. Marrama, but overall it was a pretty good book.

C Burke


Suspenseful and easy to read

A Armstrong


T LaValley


I like this book, it was suspenseful and entertaining.

Adam Yuhas


I have never read a book before but this one was good

Patrick Fitzell


It was good I liked it.

Holly Loiselle


I think it is a great book to read.

Lucy Cameron


C'est livre est très intéressant est mystères.

Martina Penaik


I loved it so far it was my favorite book on digilangua to me I loved a good mystery it is very intriguing and suspenseful.

L Sullivan


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