Léo et Anton

Léo et Anton



Anton is different: a mouse that isn’t afraid of cats. He lives in the forest in Québec, Canada with his mom and dad. But Anton is not happy. He doesn’t have any friends. And because his father fears he will get attacked by a cat, Anton is not allowed to explore the forest alone. How will Anton be able to make friends? Will he venture alone into the forest, against his father’s wishes? Anton’s fearlessness could get him into trouble or… it could help him find friends! Our differences set us apart from others, but sometimes they bring us together.

Level: 1

Unique Word Count: 180

Total word count: 2200

Tense(s): Present Tense

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C Burke


cute and fun read

A Armstrong


very easy read, learned lots of new voacb!

Lindsay Sanchez


This is very understandable and it’s easy to read!!!

Holly Loiselle


I think it is a great book to read.

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