Das Haus Nummer 13

Das Haus Nummer 13



Clara and her mother have just moved into an old house on Verdon Street. From the minute they pull into the driveway, Clara is struck with a strange feeling. Following the death of her father, the already difficult becomes more terrifying when Clara begins to question exactly who - or what - is living in the house. In the first couple of days on Verdon Street Clara is plagued by strange noises and sightings that force her to believe that the house is haunted, a feeling that her mother does not share. Then, when Clara's best friend Lara visits for the weekend, she experiences similarly strange things. The girls set out to learn more about the house and its past. Will they be able to uncover the truth before it's too late?

Level: 3

Unique Word Count: 350

Total word count: 4300

Tense(s): Present, Past

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