Le sac à dos

Le sac à dos



For Amine, life is good. Living and working with his cousins in Shreveport, Louisiane he is living what one might call the American Dream. After many years Oscar finally receives his permanent resident card (green card), and opens a business, a house-painting company. The work is steady and honest. In fact, it is so constant that Amine looks to buy a new vehicle to support the business. He is offered a truck at an incredible price, but he has to travel to Nouvelle-Orléans in order to pick it up. What should be a quick overnight trip, turns into one of panic when Amine loses something he has worked so hard to achieve. Michelle is also living a good life. She and her husband, Marc, live in Bâton-Rouge, Louisiana. Michelle and Marc work hard - she as a delivery driver and he as a restaurant manager - in the hopes of bringing the rest of the family to live with them in Louisiane. Marc is originally from Haiti and has two daughters who still live there with his mother. What the couple lacks, however, is the money needed to secure a lawyer to help with legal paperwork. On one particular trip to Nouvelle-Orléans, though, Michelle’s luck seems to turn when she finds a large sum of cash - a perfect solution to her problem. Or is it? Learn how the lives of two people on separate journeys intersect in Nouvelle-Orléans, a city on the Mississippi River founded by French colonists.

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H Blair


Easy to understand

M Bogart


S Fitzgerald


good book, sometimes confusing about who the chapter was about

A Armstrong


L Putney


super easy to read, great story line. loved reading it

A McKane


This was a good book! i Understood most of it, some words I did not know so I looked them up in the glossary. This book was very, for the most part, easy to read. I like how it goes back and forth between the two main girls.

sydney ryckman


lukas demers


R Pemberton


T LaValley


Good book with an interesting story. Easy to read and follow along.

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