Fue un viaje difícil

Fue un viaje difícil



A story of the times. José and his family live in small town in the department of Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. Their life, which is simple and good, becomes challenging when their earnings become insufficient to maintain the family. Concerned for the welfare of his family whom he loves, José makes the difficult decision to make his way to the United States in search of work opportunities. Based on a story told to the author, this book recounts José’s journey north as well as examines the effect of his absence on the family he leaves behind.Readers learn facets of Guatemalan culture through entry level vocabulary and grammar. This is the same great story as before, now in the past tense.

Level: 2

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Milena Lappano


I like how the book explained the real struggle of supporting a family and the adventure and hardworking it takes to migrate/being an immigrant for better oppurtinides and how hard it is to have your family in another country than your in.. overall it was good on showing the reality of struggling families.

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